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Fastlane Performance Tuning - Click here for our custom tuning form 

Our dyno and tuning services are available by appointment only at competitive rates. Please make sure you download and check all the items on our Dyno Checklist before bringing your car in to be tuned.

Fastlane specializes in quality custom tuning of Ford, Dodge, GM vehicles.  With years a street and track experience we offer the best of all worlds with no compromise in horsepower, drivability, or longevity. All tunes are tested on our in house dynojet 224x chassis dyno to insure the best quality tune possible.

Ford:  With the use of SCT products we can optimize your vehicles performance.  From 1000hp GT500s to Turbo Raptors Fastlane has the skills and training required to properly custom tune any Ford.

Dodge:  With factory training from Diablo Sport we are the premiere dodge tuning shop in Texas.


GM:  With so many tuning options available for General Motors vehicles it dose not make sense to only use one tuning option. That is why at we use HP Tuners, EFI Live, And SCT with all three offering different strengths and weaknesses we can chose the right option for your application.

Fastlane also offers custom tuning of aftermarket EFI systems, and even carburetors.